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St Columba’s Parish, Renfrew

Priest:  Fr. John Eagers 
35 Campsie Drive Renfrew, PA4 0RB
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Tel: 0141 886 2570 
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Bulletin 2nd August 2020

19th Sunday of the Year (A)

Peter Tierney, Denis Clancy, Denise Clancy, Angela (McGeown) Giles, Pat Semple, Stephen Morgan, Margaret Shannon, Pat Semple,  Glenn McGinty, Deacon Martin Doherty,  John Boyle, Frances Mackie, Wilma McManus, Carol McFarlane, Jean Murdoch ,Anne Hughes, Mrs Biagi, Catherine Gallagher, Molly McGavigan, Dick Fullerton
Recently Deceased:
John Gaffney, Linda Bisland, Bill Watt, Tom Grogan
Alex Bowie, Neil Gill, Nan Dooner, John Joseph White,, John Sheerin, James Pope, James Coyle, Margaret Osbourne
The Funeral of John Gaffney will take place in St. James’ on Tuesday 4th August.
The funeral Mass of Linda Bisland will take place in St. James’ on Wednesday 5th August.
Please remember John and Linda in your prayers
Live Streaming of Mass
Sunday: 10.30am
Monday: 10am
Thursday: 10am
Saturday: 12.30pm
Celebration of Mass
St. James’
Sunday: 10.30am
Monday: 10am
Thursday: 10am
St. Columba’s
Sunday: 11.30am
Tuesday: 10am
Friday: 10am
Funeral Masses
will take place at 11am
St. James’: Sunday 3pm—4pm
Standing Orders:
If your income has not been affected by the Coronavirus and if you do not have a standing order for the parish we would ask that you consider taking out one. The form is available on the parish website.
The sort code is 83 26 22​ and the account number is 00130117​.
Please only consider doing this if it will not cause or add to financial hardship at this time.
Thank you to those who have  submitted a standing order and those who have continued with existing standing orders.
I would like to thank everyone who has so far signed up for a Standing Order and also those who have put their offerings through the letter box at St Columba’s and St. James’. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you
To attend Public Masses it is necessary to book in advance. It will not be possible to attend Mass with having booked a place. Please follow the instructions on the website to book a place at Mass.
At all times our priority must be to keep people safe. We ask that everyone respects the 2 meter safe distancing rule. Each person must remain in their designate seat.
I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to steward and to keep the Churches clean and safe.
Diane Foy who coordinates our RCIA and I are putting together a series of short reflections on the Sacraments. The sixth which is on the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is now available on the website.
Ryan Black is to be ordained to the Priesthood on Saturday 15th August. Please keep him in your prayers as he prepares for his ordination
Beginning from the weekend of 15th/16th August, it is hoped:
1. To reintroduce a 4pm Vigil Mass in St. Columba’s and a 7.15pm Sunday Evening Mass in St. James’.
2. To revert to having Sunday morning Mass at 9.45am in St. Columba’s and at 11am in St. James’
3. On Saturday 22nd August it is hoped to introduce a Saturday morning Mass at 10am. Followed by the possibility of the Sacrament of Reconciliation being available.
This will depend primarily on the availability of volunteers to steward and to sanitise the Church.

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